LeBron James went on a feud with Kyrie Irving after Kyrie requested for a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers. The two took their own shots online, airing out each other’s dirty laundry. While this can be a fascinating thing, this will not change the fact that Irving will be leaving.

In a report from TMZ, LeBron James released yet another workout video Friday morning. He was singing and dancing to a new tune courtesy of Meek Mill’s new album. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

The new workout video

Last time James released a workout video, it took the internet by storm.

It quickly went viral, as it was released just days after last season’s NBA finals. But a couple of weeks later another Stephen Curry version of the workout video went viral. The only catch, though, is that he was dancing while Irving was laughing next to him. Curry later on clarified that it was not meant to disrespect The King. He admitted that he liked the video. In fact, he said that every time he heard the song, he would immediately dance to its tune. For him, it was all for fun.

Now, LeBron James released another workout video. This time, he was singing to the album titled “Wins & Losses” of rapper Meek Mill.

He did not sing and dance, but he did laugh maniacally. It was as if he was trying to take a shot at Curry and Irving. The King also took a shot at the current president of the United States, Donald Trump. “Trump ain’t feeling us,” he shouted. Well, this is not entirely a surprise. The NBA superstar has been very vocal about his views towards the new POTUS.

Why Irving is leaving

This fiasco started when Irving decided to request a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers. He wanted to be in a team in which he would be the focal point. In Cleveland, he cannot achieve such status due to LeBron James. Unfortunately for Irving, his move was not taken lightly by his fans and James himself.

The All-Star point guard wanted to make a name of his own, without the help of James. Dan Gilbert, the owner of the Cavaliers, stated that they were hopeful that they could talk to Irving and went on to suggest that they were expecting him to join the upcoming training camp in preparation for the next NBA season.

In a report from ESPN, Irving was not available to take or return calls to the franchise as of last week. It seems he already made his decision to leave the team, which adopted him for six seasons. Well, it is only a matter of time before fans will find out where Irving will land up.