A couple of weeks ago, data miners were able to acquire a line of code in “Overwatch.” It hinted the upcoming arrival of the Summer Games event, which was first introduced last year. But during that time, Blizzard did not confirm nor deny it.

Now, the “Overwatch” event is finally official. It will arrive with tons of exciting features. But perhaps the most interesting one is the Arcade mode called Lucioball.

Summer Games event

As announced by Blizzard on the official site of the game, Summer Games will arrive with more exciting stuff. It will also offer changes and tweaks meant to provide a better gameplay experience.

But according to Dot Esports, the most significant change will be the Competitive version of Lucioball. This will be the same as Competitive Play, but only it will be played using the Arcade mode’s in-game mechanics. More importantly, the mode will give players Competitive points as long as players get to win matches.

This was actually clarified by Blizzard via the official “Overwatch” Twitter. The ranking system will work similarly to the Competitive Play, but the point system will be quite different. First and foremost, players will undergo 10 placement matches to define their respective ranking. Afterwards, they will earn a special spray designed for the Summer Games event. If players are lucky enough to be among the top 500, they will be rewarded with another special spray.

This is definitely an exciting thing to look forward.

Other major changes

As promised by the studio, the Summer Games event for “Overwatch” will arrive with changes. For instance, its gameplay mechanics have been adjusted. Players will no longer be able to boop players unlike before. Lucio’s ultimate, on the other hand, will be changed, too.

Unlike in the past version, it will instead increase his movement speed and will make him a bit stronger. Before, his ultimate allowed him to pull the ball towards him. But for some unknown reason, the video game company decided to change it.

Summer Games event for “Overwatch” will arrive come August 8. The map itself will be based on the geographical location of Sydney, Australia.

It is worth noting that players will only have three weeks to play and enjoy the event. The skins introduced in the first version of event will also be made available to purchase but with tons of discounts. Furthermore, there will be new cosmetic items such as sprays and emoticons, among others.