For Honor” is without a doubt an exciting game, thanks to its unique combat system. But unfortunately, its reputation and success are stained by issues and glitches. Nevertheless, Ubisoft has worked hard and long to introduce new updates.

According to PVP Live, the studio just revealed the two new classes coming to “For Honor.” They are expected to arrive in the game’s upcoming season. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

The two forthcoming classes

Before the announcement, the two new classes were already leaked. These are namely the Highlander and the Gladiator.

They are both expected to arrive come the third season, along with a couple of new maps and interesting changes. The Highlander (Viking Hybrid), in particular, is the first class in the game to offer two different forms: defensive and offensive. His defensive form allows him to provide powerful counter-attacking and/or attack-trades. As for his offensive form, it allows him to completely disable an opponent’s ability. Once successful, he can immediately dish out powerful attacks.

The Gladiator (Knight Assassin), on the other hand, does not have a significant amount of armor and defense in "For Honor." However, his offensive abilities are enough to make up for it. The abilities are somewhat a mix of Centurion and Shinobi, allowing him to create complete separation from his opponents.

He is capable of setting up mid-range attacks and, more importantly, stuns. The new class is also capable of having a huge stamina pool and is perhaps the largest in the roster. This allows him to continue assaulting enemies coupled with a reduced cooldown time.

Other content arrives

As expected from Ubisoft, the upcoming update will arrive with new exciting stuff in “For Honor.” There will be two new maps: the Sentinel and the Viking Village.

Both of these maps will feature environmental weaponry that players can use on their journey. There will also be unique pathways and fortresses. Sentinel, for instance, will offer a ballista that players can utilize to shoot other players. The Viking Village, on the other hand, has a hidden trap somewhere in the map. Once activated, it will launch a spike that will plummet through the target.

The upcoming “For Honor” season will offer a brand new Legendary gear rarity. This will substantially increase the number of customization options. More importantly, it will give players continued variation throughout the game. They can even increase their Reputation (max) for all of the game’s classes. There will also be a chance to obtain the previous gear sets to assist players in their journey.