There is no doubt that Stephen Curry and LeBron James are both great players so it is not a surprise to see them mock or take a shot at each other, be it on or off the court. Recently though, the Golden State Warriors player was seen mocking the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar in a video taken during Harrison Barnes’ wedding ceremony.

The interesting part of the video though is the inclusion of Kyrie Irving. He was seen laughing while Stephen Curry was dancing. But according to Bleacher Report, Curry has clarified what exactly happened that night.

He was not mocking

Curry explained that what he did in the video was not to mock James. Rather, it was about imitating the Cleveland player, as he was trying to memorize the steps since it was first posted on Instagram. It is worth noting that in the video Curry was trying to imitate James’ popular workout footage. It took the internet by storm soon after it was posted in June. “I’ve been watching that video twice a day since it happened because it’s my favorite video in the entire world,” Curry said.

The Golden State Warriors guard went to say praise James for making a song popular simply by making a video out of it.

Stephen Curry admitted that whenever he hears the song, it is James’ dancing that he can ever think of. He even claimed that he dances to the song’s tune at his house and at dinner. Curry lastly explained that he pulls out the move whenever something good happens, as it makes him laugh. “No making fun of him,” the All-Star player said.

Irving joining the Warriors?

Soon after Stephen Curry’s infamous video surfaced, many speculated that Irving would entertain the idea of joining the Golden State Warriors. It is worth noting that he requested a trade from Cleveland, as he wanted to get out of James’ shadow. But of course, joining the Warriors is not consistent with his reasoning.

He wanted to be in a team in which he is the focal point. With the Warriors, he is not likely to be the focal point. There are Curry, Draymond Green, and even Kevin Durant.

Stephen Curry also clarified that he did not disrespect James when he was seen dancing next to Irving. Most Cavaliers fans were quick to speculate that Irving did it to further agitate James. These shots started after the point guard announced his departure from the Cavaliers. It is worth noting that he spent the first six years of his career with this organization. “That was just a casualty of the moment because me and him were hanging out all night,” Curry said, the Bleacher report wrote.