One of the biggest events in “Overwatch” this year is Summer Games. It was first introduced in 2016 as a way to celebrate the hottest time of the year. Now, Blizzard brought it back, and its arrival included the titular Lucioball.

The Arcade Mode is perhaps the number one reason why “Overwatch” players are excited about Summer Games event. Apparently, its inclusion appears to be a dissatisfaction. Well, here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Why is Lucioball bad?

It holds true that some players love Lucioball. It is unlike anything Blizzard introduced lately anyway.

It also gives them a break from the usual matches of capturing an object and moving a payload. However, according to Crave, the special game mode is no fun to play. First and foremost, it is the pace of the mode that is just painfully slow. The problem here is the fact that it takes place in a large, open area. The size of the place makes Lucio much slower when he should be faster.

Perhaps Blizzard could have decreased the size of the arena or that the “Overwatch” hero’s cooldowns were decreased. Lucio can greatly benefit from an Amp It Up skill, giving him the speed he needs. Moreover, this will give players the excitement of playing it. After all, they are used to a fast moving Lucio in the standard game.

The gameplay itself seems to last forever. Lucio, in particular, when controlled, feels a bit sluggish. Heck, some players who main him are probably complaining about this speed in Lucioball.

Because it is soccer

First of all, there is nothing wrong with soccer being a sport. But if it is to be used as a theme for Lucioball, this is where it gets a bit problematic.

The publication insists that Lucioball was never bound to be successful in “Overwatch.” The arena and the speed do not suit Lucio in one way or another. The existence of the game mode completely opposes the hero’s skills and abilities. It holds true, nonetheless, that the concept behind the Summer Games event is cool. Hence a soccer theme was introduced.

However, the studio could have thought of something more exciting in “Overwatch.” In fact, players on social media suggest that Lucioball could have been replaced with volleyball. Besides, it is a sport fit for the summer celebration. More importantly, this sport will not require a massive arena. Others even suggest a mini-game in which characters will brawl with each other. There are just plenty of options for Blizzard to choose from. Sadly, at the end of the day, the developers went for Lucioball.