In games like “Overwatch,” players always have their favorite. These are basically their go-to heroes, and the ones they select. Well, in other words, they are their mains. When talking about mains in “Overwatch,” one of the most popular is Genji. The cyborg ninja is in fact the most frequently picked hero in Quick Play according to statistics director Jeff Kaplan. If you are looking to get better at using him, these tips will help.

Be aggressive, but be smart

When using Genji, players must makes sure that they know exactly how to use his aggressiveness.

The character has a set of skills that makes him a lethal aggressor. He can go in and out of battle without getting noticed. Heck, he can even jump right in front of an opponent’s face.

However, Genji has low health in “Overwatch.” He only has 200, unlike Reaper who has 250. So, players must be very careful when using him. Aggressiveness must be partnered with smart strategy and a tactical approach. For instance, if you think you will be killed if you go after the enemy’s Mercy, then do not. It is better to wait for a comrade than to force things -- as it may cost you.

Use that Deflect

Deflect is one of Genji’s most valuable skills in “Overwatch.” It gives him an advantage over his opponents. However, some players fail to use it correctly.

The key here is to deploy deflect in situations where the team can benefit the most. Others use it as an escape mechanism when it should not be used as such. As a result, the chances of advancing or even eliminating an opponent lowers.

As much as possible, be smart when using Genji’s Deflect. Sometimes you can use it in situations where Zarya or Pharah launch their ultimate.

If you use it earlier, then you and your team will have a hard time countering these ultimates.

Synchronize his ultimate

Genji’s Dragonblade is one of the coolest ultimates in “Overwatch” because it can guarantee a team kill. There are situations, though, where the opposing team is spread out. As a result, slicing them one by one is quite difficult.

This is where synchronization comes in. The idea is to use the skill alongside allies’ ultimates.

For instance, Reinhardt can deploy Earthshatter while Genji uses his Dragonstrike to finish off the opposing team. Other characters that work with this combo are Zarya and Mei. Their ultimates are great for crowd control, giving Genji a chance to finish off the entire opposing team.

Who is your favorite hero?