Recently, Blizzard brought enormous changes to Mercy on “Overwatch” Public Test Realm. While some loved the tweaks, many were against them. They just think these changes will not do any good to the overall gameplay experience.

The most noticeable change in Mercy is her ability to resurrect dead comrades in “Overwatch.” In the official servers, she can still resurrect all five team members at once. But on the test server, she can only apply it to a single hero. That is because her ultimate has been changed. Without further ado, here are some reasons why apply this new change in her ultimate ability will not do any good in the game.

Single hero resurrect is no fun

Most players will agree that Mercy’s ability to resurrect five players is a gem. It can turn the tide of the battle and help the team win an attack or defense. What Blizzard did to Mercy is simply making her a one-trick hero, as reported by PC Gamer. In Competitive Play, most players one-trick their way to the ranking. This is for a lot of reasons of course, but perhaps the most common one is a comfort. They are just comfortable using the only trick they know. This can be best exemplified by players picking the same character over and over again.

In Mercy’s case, one-tricking refers to her possible new ability to resurrect a single hero in “Overwatch.” Many believe that waiting to use it to a target while the other teammates are down is not just right.

It can create a cycle of failures. Unlike resurrecting five members all at once, the possibility of regaining defense or attack is unlikely. This is where the next reason comes.

Her significance dwindles down

With this new ultimate ability, there is really that possibility of “Overwatch” players using other support characters.

These characters are most likely the ones with an AoE effect. Take for instance Zenyatta. It is very likely that players will pick him over the new Mercy. Remember that the latter is usually used to resurrect dead comrades. Zenyatta’s ultimate might be quite different, but it is enough to keep the whole team standing. After all, the game is about teamwork.

So what good does resurrection offers when it can only be applied to a single hero?

Sure, there will still be players looking to use Mercy in “Overwatch.” This is most especially that she is most likely to become a battle hero more than a healing hero. Also, she still can heal and boost. Well, maybe this is what Blizzard wanted all along. They want such scenario to happen in the game and probably hope for a new meta to be built around her.