Despite all the ups and downs this year, “Pokemon GO” remains to be a highly celebrated game in recent memory. This is thanks to Niantic’s passion for introducing new features and changes. Certainly, players are loving this new stuff.

According to Express, the studio plans to release a very useful item in “Pokemon GO.” It remains to be a mystery, but it is likely to arrive in an upcoming patch. Well, here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Brand new item

Players just discovered an item that could become a very useful addition as soon as it gets released in the game.

It can even have a huge impact on the future of the title. This is none other than the Super Incubator. This could perhaps allow players to hatch eggs at a much-accelerated rate. If this is true, then this should bring a massive change in the overall gameplay of the hit mobile game.

Express notes that nothing has been confirmed yet by the “Pokemon GO” developers. However, this discovery was acquired from a host of files for the third generation pocket monsters. It is worth noting that the date is yet to include the Pokemon’s respective move sets and sound files. This is most likely because the studio is still early in the development process. But remember that most of the information data miners acquired in the past were pretty accurate.

So, in a sense, players can really expect the new item to arrive soon.

A new raid

Interestingly, Niantic revealed that Mewtwo would become available in “Pokemon GO” soon. The only catch is that its release date remains a mystery. It is also unknown if the studio will add the Legendary creature along with a new raid. This is very possible, though, considering the new mechanics the previous special beasts introduced.

But since Mewtwo is a different kind of Legendary Pokemon, it is possible that its raid is going to b an exclusive one.

Exclusive Raids, on the other hand, are believed to be an invitation-only affair in “Pokemon GO.” If this is the case, then Niantic might send invites first to a couple of players before launching the upcoming Legendary creature.

Niantic did explain that this kind of raid will task players to complete a more recent raid before moving forward.

To do this, they will have to defeat a couple of raid bosses before they can move towards Mewtwo. The invitations are expected to arrive with notifications informing the players of the release date of the Legendary pocket monster. Well, this is definitely something that players should look forward to.