Blizzard has finally confirmed the upcoming arrival of Summer Games event in “Overwatch.” It is worth noting that the first hint of the event is a line of code acquired by data miners. As expected, it is to arrive with the highly celebrated Arcade mode called Lucioball.

Last year, the studio held its inauguralOverwatch” seasonal event with through the very first Summer Games. Now, the celebration of sports in the game is about to return. Here is everything about this exciting event in a nutshell.

What is it all about?

In its most organic form, the aforementioned event is a way to celebrate one of the hottest time of the year.

Of course, this is without hitting the beach with swimsuits and all forms of swimwear. It is also Blizzard’s way of showing respect to the passion of sports. In a way to do that, the studio showcases each of character’s multi-culture ability. This could be anything from skins, emotes, sprays, and voice lines. All of these are designed specifically to promote the atmosphere of sports, as reported by Trusted Reviews.

This year, Summer Games is expected to hit “Overwatch” come August 8. It is going to be celebrated in PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The event, however, will only last for three weeks. Therefore, players must ensure that they get to enjoy the event in the best way possible. It is worth noting, though, that Blizzard did not announce an end date yet.

But based on the given timeline, it could be anywhere between the last week of August and the first week of September.

Lucioball is back

Yes, that is right – the highly celebrated Arcade mode game is coming back to “Overwatch.” In the first version of Summer Games, the said mode introduced the Rio stadium. In the new one, it will offer the arena from Sydney, Australia.

There are also a handful of tweaks introduced by Blizzard, giving the mode a unique gameplay experience. For instance, there will be a Competitive version of it. Players will be able to earn Competitive points, though the amount is nothing close to the ones earned in Competitive Play.

Blizzard also tweaked Lucio’s ultimate in the forthcoming “Overwatch” event.

Before, he can use it to boop enemies out of the goal. Now, the ultimate will only make the hero stronger and faster. Going back to the Competitive version, players will have to undergo a total of 10 placement matches. Afterward, their respective rank will be determined. The studio also confirmed that the skins from last year’s event will be made purchasable, but there will be discounts.