One of the top mobile game developing companies "Supercell" is celebrating five successful years for their strategy game "clash of clans." The latest news is that another update is expected to take place by the end of August. The update is believed to be the 5th-anniversary update and Clash of Clans is all set to introduce some interesting events.

Supercell has already given some hints for the upcoming update. Recently all Clash of Clans players has experienced a change with the builders of the game. It is strange that the Builders have left the game and instead it was taken over by the Barbarians.

Apparently, the missing builders are the hint for Supercell's update.

The builders will return

With its last update, the new builder in the other village is faster than expected. Many believe that the builders will eventually return, and this time they will arrive with a new set of tricks and skills. That said, the game might develop a faster pace. Without the builders in the game, players will not be able to progress as nothing gets done.

Another update that took place was the Battle Ram from "Clash Royale" as a troop option. Supercell has also brought many events to celebrate their 5th-anniversary. Some of the leaks and rumors state that a new update is arriving at the original village base.

The last update shows that the builder huts are for sale, which probably might bring back the gems that were used to buy the huts in the beginning.

Everything with the last update has been a mystery with the game. It is also hard to imagine the game without the builders since it was one of the first things that gamers purchased with gems.

Surprise anniversary events

According to Gotta Be Mobile, the developers are going to have a huge list of surprise anniversary events. These events are said to take place for the entire month of August. Recent game update files show the Wizards, Witches, and Giants working along with the Barbarians. One thing that has been made clear is that this is the only chance for gamers to earn extra gems.

All the anniversary events that are completed provide players with gems in huge numbers. There have also been some "Clan War" matchmaking improvements. The builder base might also get another update as developers are busy working on the changes.

Another rumor states that there is a possibility for the builder huts to get upgrade options. In that case, builders will be able to finish the work sooner than expected. There are many rumors of the upcoming clash of clans update, but it is certain that there will be one soon every since the builders have disappeared in the game.