Time really flies fast, as the highly anticipated “Overwatch” hero Doomfist is finally here. The gauntlet-wearing character is now doing massive slams and knocking off enemies in the game’s Public Test Realm. So far, the reception of the community towards him has been impressive.

But of course, from an “Overwatch” pro player's perspective, Doomfist’s arrival means something bigger in the competitive side of things. His skills, in particular, would somehow influence the current meta, most especially that he is among the offense heroes. Well, here is what pros actually think of the guy.

What pros think of Doomfist

Game analyst Matt “Flame” Rodriguez says that the new hero will eventually become “a surprise pick.” He believes that most players nowadays forget the importance of a new character and why it is actually added to the roster. Rodriguez went on to say that if players are to pick Doomfist, they must bring something to the table. Otherwise, he is just another useless character from a useless player.

Other “Overwatch” pros see Doomfist as a hero perfect for maps packed with high grounds, making him a good replacer for Tracer. They even suggest that this character has the potential to turn the tide of war as long as the player using him knows the right stuff. Obviously, it all boils down to the user of the character regardless of his high mobility skills.

Furthermore, most of them see the new hero as a perfect partner for Zarya, Mei, and even Reinhardt. These three heroes have ultimates that can complement Doomfist’s Meteor Strike. In fact, the character does not even have to deploy his ultimate, as some of his skills are enough to give out sufficient AoE damage.

He still needs the likes of D.Va

Misfits tank “Overwatch” player Jonathan “Reinforce” Larsson says that Doomfist will not be able to survive without the help of tanky heroes such as D.Va and Reinhardt. D.Va, in particular, can give Doomfist a flexible line of defense (using the Shield Matrix) to keep him alive on the battlefield.

This is actually true given the fact that the new character is low on survivability. Unlike Reaper, Doomfist does not have The Reaping to keep him breathing when going toe-to-toe, most especially with other DPS characters like Pharah and Soldier: 76.

Some pro players also suggest that Doomfist is perfect for dive composition in “Overwatch.” He has the Rocket Punch and Uppercut skills that can help him leap towards enemy lines. He should be perfect for replacing and/or helping Genji in eliminating high-valued characters such as Mercy, Ana, and Zenyatta.