The return of the even-exclusive arcade brawl Lucioball in “Overwatch” brings more delight to fans that it used to before. While it is an anticipated mode by players, now, they have more reasons for playing it since the brawl will give participants Credit Points. These points can be used in the game to unlock the highly coveted Golden Guns.


In its previous introduction in the game, Lucioball gave participants experience points that were used by players to unlock loot boxes. The brawl mode has undergone substantial changes since it was introduced in the game in 2016.

The new arcade mode has a fresh competitive queue and a secondary map. Aside from testing the player’s soccer skills, a fresh Sydney map will also be available for players to enjoy.

On Twitter, Blizzard confirmed that players would get Competitive Points just by playing the Copa Lucioball. However, the amount of points earned will be lesser than the traditional points earned in the “Overwatch” competitive game. The new event-exclusive mode functions like the regular game ladder where players need to do 10 placement matches to earn a special spray. If the player places within the top 500 Lucioball players in its respective region, a second spray will be given as a reward for the player’s efforts.

The game starts on August 8 and will only last for three weeks or until August 29 to play the season.


In this year’s event-exclusive arcade brawl, players will see a lot of changes aside from the ones mentioned earlier. This year, Blizzard removed the ability to boop goalies out of the way. In addition, Lucio’s ult has received massive change too.

This time, instead of bringing the ball to the player, ulting will transform the player into Super Lucio. With this, the player’s movement and boop speed will be increased. This will give the player the greater chance to easily get past the enemy’s defensive team.

Summer Games

With the arrival of Summer Games 2017 on August 8, a new map based in Sydney, Australia, will also be introduced in the game that Lucioball players can use.

There are also new skins to celebrate this year’s summer event along with the event-exclusive arcade brawl. Another exciting list of activities is coming to “Overwatch” players this summer that will keep them immersed in the popular first-person shooter game. The game developer has been keeping true to their promise of introducing more activities to the game. The return of the Summer Games in the game also draws speculations from fans that other events introduced in the game last year could also come back.