Blizzard surprised the entire “Overwatch” community with the release of Doomfist. The 25th character in the game is among the offense heroes and offers high-mobility skills. He is currently live and playable (only) in the Public Test Realm.

According to the Express, “Overwatch” data miners were able to acquire a total of 67 brand new cosmetic items from the game files. These are expected to be released alongside Doomfist and the highly anticipated return of the Summer Games event. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Doomfist’s release alongside new cosmetic items

The aforementioned items will reportedly be developed and released for the forthcoming return of the Summer Games event. Data miners suggest that, in one way or another, at least four of these cosmetic items will be for the gauntlet-wearing villain. Although they remain unofficial, they could be unleashed on the very same day the event starts.

This is actually quite interesting, considering the fact that the new “Overwatch” hero was data mined from a code relating to the event. Some say that the four cosmetic events should be a fit quantity, as this was something Blizzard did with previous heroes. This could also mean that the skins will be developed consistently with the event’s theme which is definitely something that players should look forward to.

Summer Games event’s plausible release

The “Overwatch” data miners further suggest that as Doomfist is still new, Blizzard could focus more on developing his sprays emotes, etc first. However, this does not mean that a possible number of Legendary skins will arrive. Some of the cosmetic items believed to arrive alongside the official release of the hero are Golden Gun, Cute Spray, and Pixel Spray.

There will also be Highlight Intros, Heroic Emote and Victory Pose, Default voice line and weapon skin.

At this time data miners cannot provide a plausible release date for Doomfist in “Overwatch.” However, if Blizzard is to follow the same pattern as Orisa’s release, the hero could most likely arrive in the first week of August.

This was also the timeline the studio used to release the Summer Games event last year, therefore, the speculation still makes sense. But until the video game company confirms all of these, players should take these rumors with a grain of salt. Besides, the hero is still new and the studio still requires more time to adjust and tweaking him. Doomfist is the 8th addition in the offense department with health points of (250) similar to Reaper’s. His main utility is his fist which he used to slam and knock enemies down.