While 'Pokemon Go' fans continue to look high and low in the bid to 'catch 'em all,' the recently launched Pokemon Go Anniversary event will be giving players an opportunity to get their hands on discounted anniversary boxes, which comprise of Ultra Balls, Max Revives, Incubators and Raid Passes.

Niantic's hit augmented reality mobile game comprises five tier levels as far as Raids are concerned. Each one is harder compared to its predecessor. In tier 1 you will meet head-on with some hard-to-beat contenders including Magikarp. On the other hand, Tier 4 is a totally different ball game.

With a CP i.e. Combat Power in the 34k category and with the ability to Sand Stream, Tyranitar is positioned among the most coveted creatures in the game. That being said, capturing it is no child’s play for even Trainers who are second to none. While some players can handle this big boss without breaking much of a sweat, others may need more time to take him on.

If your Pokemon gets seriously injured during a big boss battle, you can make yourself scarce and breathe new life into the creature with the help of Potions or Revives. As soon as your Pokemon is healed, you can come out all guns blazing against your opponent.

New 'Pokemon Go' update

A recently rolled out update seems to have spilled the beans about a newfangled method to expand your own supplies before you barge into the challenging Raid.

Much to the delight of 'Pokemon Go' enthusiasts, Trainers have ferreted out a combination that implies nearly 28 items are up for grabs by visiting the Gym just once.

One player discovered that by latching on to a Gold badge, along with their 7-day streak active, they were successful at picking up a big haul. A Reddit user known as reneritchie (Rene Ritchie) says he received the gold badge without any sort of notification, but at a perfect time for his 7-day streak and as it was a gym he was on, the team even received control bonus.

What all did it include?

Here's the list of items the visit brought into the Trainer’s Pokemon Go stash: 2x Nanab Berry, 1x Revive, 2x Pinap Berry, 2x Razz Berry, 13x Poké Ball, 1x Great Potion, 3x Potion, 1x Great Ball, 2 x Ultra Ball, 1x Sun Stone.

It mostly included Pokeballs, however, the additional revives and berries can be put to good use during a challenge.

A report from the Express suggests other players have had favorable outcomes involving Gym spins, but concrete shreds of information are still under wraps.

One Trainer with gold home gym badge claims he often gets three white background items, then three gold backgrounds for his badge rank. Later, he receives a couple of red valor background items for keeping the gym safeguarded as well maintaining team control.

Optimistic 'Pokemon Go' fanatics are restlessly waiting to find out if tier 5 of the recently revealed Raids system will come with Legendary Pocket Monsters. There's still no word regarding exactly how this might be handled. Some avid gamers hazard a guess that the toughest monster in the game will be unveiled during a global event.