Overwatch” has a lot of interesting characters to offer, but Doomfist is perhaps the most exciting of them all. The internet and more importantly, the community were all in awe, as the highly anticipated gauntlet-wearing villain has finally arrived. He was definitely worth the wait.

While Doomfist is still new in “Overwatch,” it cannot be denied that there are already a number of reasons to love him. Not just because his skills make him cool, but also because he is a totally different character. Oh, and yes, that huge fist really, really looks cool.

He’s highly mobile

The thing that players love the most about Genji is his high mobility. He can climb and jump into walls, he can move from one place to another with just a single swift, and above all, he is a ninja by nature. While the new hero is nothing close to a ninja (though he probably know a trick or two about ninjitsu), he also is a highly mobile character.

There just seems to be something likeable about an “Overwatch” hero being able to do a lot of things aside from firing ammunitions. Doomfist’s skills allow him to leap toward an enemy and inflict damage. Despite his heavy physique, he seems to move as swiftly as Genji. If this does not excite players, what else will?

He is a lover of conflict

Sure, his philosophy may sound a bit cliché, but in “Overwatch,” it works perfectly. Doomfist basically believes that only through conflict can one become extremely powerful, but to attain such strength, one must learn to embrace it. Almost all villains nowadays become the bad guys because, well, they have to.

They may have reasons for terrorizing humanity, but the gist is not entirely compelling.

Doomfist, on the other hand, is different. He wants people to understand the beauty of learning how to embrace conflict, though his approach is obviously scary. But here, players see a villain of ideals: an anti-hero that actually fights for something that he believes in.

Sure, you can call Reaper a good example; however, the way he conveys his ideals -- if there are any -- is just a bit of a stretch.

His combos

It cannot be denied that some “Overwatch” heroes have their own combos to showcase. Roadhog, for instance, who can eliminate anyone on his way using his hook combo, most especially when he was not nerfed yet. Doomfist, though, is on a whole new level. His entire maneuver depends on how well a player can utilize all his skills and put them into use. Almost all his skills complement each other to achieve successive attacks.

For instance, he can use his Rocket Punch to move to a certain location (lucky if he hits a hero and kills it instantly) and then uses the uppercut to deal damage. From there, he can add the slam attack, knocking enemies off balance.