Studio Wildcard announced today that the highly anticipated update for the Xbox version of “Ark: Survival Evolved” is finally available. The patch v758 was expected last week. However, due to some technical issues, the scheduled release was been delayed.

Patch v758

On the official Twitter account of Studio Wildcard’s Community Manager, Jen revealed that patch v758 for Xbox console is available. The latest update will consume 8.7 GB of Microsoft’s console storage. The latest patch introduces fixes and balance changes in the game aside from introducing new creatures.


Patch v758 rolls out fixes in the game. This includes fixing the Scorched Earth’s cave crash. It also addressed the issue of the improper display of the sky. The latest patch also corrected the bed location as it appears on the map. It also enables Ankylo, while in its floating state to attack using its tail.

Aside from those, patch v758 of “Ark: Survival Evolved” addressed the issue of having black sky on one of its maps - The Center. It also fixes the setting of Disable Resource Harvesting. Previously, players encountered eggs of Rex falling under the map, which was due to the poop socket that was missing. The issue was addressed with the latest update.

Dino underwater attack that does not function underwater is also fixed.

In addition, the unreliable secondary attack of Ankylo was fixed. Baby Troodons’ food consumption has also been decreased. v758 rolls out a fix for baby Wyvern food values.

Other notable changes

Aside from the fixes, the most recent Xbox patch also added more creatures to the game. This includes Yutyrannus which added to the Tek Cave.

Apart from that, there are several alterations among the creatures in the in-game cave. Among these are being able to add more leeches, Arthropleura, and Titanoboa in the Swamp Cave while removing Scorpion at the same time. Moreover, in the Ice cave, bat, penguins, and spiders have been booted out. There are new creatures added in the Ice cave which include Sabertooth Salmon, Purlovias, and Polar Bears.

Players can now equip land dino with saddles. To do this, the player just needs to move the torch to the saddle. Miners Helmets and Flashlight also received extra durability. Players can now let their creatures consume rare mushrooms and flowers with optimum effects. The latest update also made changes to Kaprosuchus attacks. This time its rotation rate has been reduced.

The next “Ark: Survival Evolved” patch for Xbox is slated to release on July 19. As the patch is already available, fans can expect the PlayStation 4 update which is also coming very soon. The next update dubbed the v759 will contain the highly anticipated new expansion map of Ragnarok.