Capcom recently streamed a gameplay of their upcoming game, "Monster Hunter: World." The game is slated for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One followed by a PC version, a step up from the previous Nintendo-exclusive Monster Hunter series. The game functions on all three aforementioned platforms. In addition, Monster Hunter presents an open-world feature, which allows players to roam the map freely.

Compared to the previous series, players will no longer go to zones that take up much of the loading time. Instead, they will experience a whole new perspective with a "living environment," according Anime News Network.

Players can destroy and use plants, wood, and other things in the environment as well as utilize monster behaviors against another monster.

The 23-minute video below showed the flora and fauna of the Ancient Forest, one of the areas in Monster Hunter: World. Other than the wonderful forest, a new monster for the series has been revealed. This new monster is called the "Anjanath."

The video via Official Capcom UK can be viewed below.

Common and new elements

Common elements in Monster Hunter: World can be seen throughout the map and gameplay. Based on the video, some common ones are gathering points such as bee hives, herbs, flowers, and the like. Now, new elements are present in the video above. These are the slinger, detailed monster behaviors, the open-world feature, and the use of items and tools to the player's advantage.

Furthermore, players can now hide in bushes, shrubs, and other spots. These hiding spots for stealth is crucial in hunting because players can observe the target monster before they engage in battle and hunting. An important note is that monsters can hear, smell, and see its surroundings, which is why players should think twice before they engage it.

A slinger is used to distract monsters. Every technique and tactics are important in hunting. A player brainstorms a plan to lure the monster before dealing damage onto it. This is a no-brainer. However, some players go head-on to common monsters that have a low-level threat. Otherwise, a plan is necessary for monsters that have special abilities, especially the ones that can fly.

Release date

Monster Hunter: World is currently in development and will be released on early 2018 for the aforementioned three consoles. For now, the teams behind the game are working hard to achieve the goal and exceed expectations. A tutorial that presents the new game mechanics is always there for both experts and beginner of the Monster Hunter series. This tutorial guides new hunters into the world filled with various monsters.