Doomfist quickly became the most celebrated character in “Overwatch.” Although he arrived first on the game’s Public Test Realm, players were so eager to check him. After all, he became a significant inclusion in the title’s lore since the first original cinematic trailer.

However, “Overwatch” players were surprised upon knowing that actor Terry Crews will not be voicing him. Everyone was expecting him to bring life to the gauntlet-wearing hero, considering the campaign that he and the community did. But alas, Blizzard went in a different direction.

Crew’s response on the issue of him not voicing Doomfist

According to DBLTap, Crews has proved himself to be a cool man despite the studio’s decision. The entire community was in an uproar after knowing that a different actor will be voicing the hero above. But despite this, the Hollywood artist assured the fans that everything is totally fine. “People were upset, but I’m not,” he said. Interestingly, Crews teased something compelling, suggesting that “there will be something coming.”

Of course, he did not go to explain what exactly this is.

But, in one way or another, this might mean something about him and “Overwatch.” Crews also congratulated the current voice actor behind Doomfist named Sahr Ngaujah. He iterated that Ngaujah is by far the best and fittest artist to bring life to the new character. While this is a satisfying reaction from Crews, the community is still not happy.

At the end of the day, they are hoping for the actor to be part of the hit shooter title.

Blizzard’s process of picking voice actors

It should be noted that Blizzard has been consistent in picking actors for the “Overwatch” heroes. They do this way before a character undergoes development. So, in a sense, Ngaujah might have already picked way before the campaign for Crews started.

Also, Ngaujah seems to be the most fitting actor to voice Doomfist, given the character’s personality in the lore. He is quite serious and, more importantly, he hails from Nigeria. His voice actor, on the other hand, also hails from the same country. Therefore, it only makes sense that Blizzard chose him over Crews.

There is speculation within the “Overwatch” community, however, that Crews might still have a role to play in the game. It could be that, in one way or another, Blizzard is prepping him to voice another hero. But as far as who this could be, it remains to be unseen. Anyway, there is no reason not to believe that Crews will don a character in the future.