Blizzard has been all over “Overwatch,” making sure that the game’s competitiveness is well-balanced. But despite the studio’s efforts, there are still players who simply make the game a joke. They tend to leave matches early, badmouth other players, and even try to throw the game.

Interestingly, Blizzard is up to something interesting in “Overwatch,” as reported by PVP Live. The studio is reportedly working on a brand new feature that should somehow tackle these offensive players. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

The new Anti-Griefer system

A well-known player in the community named AverageAristocrat went to the studio’s support page to complain an experience he had with another player. He was matched with another player who was throwing the competition. He did this to demote to the Gold tier. The reason? Well, he only wants to play alongside his friends in the low-level tier. This is, of course, a huge mistake, as it completely affects the entire gameplay experience of other players.

Apparently, AverageAristocrat had an interesting discussion with a support representative for “Overwatch.” His name was Volkexas, who revealed a new feature that Blizzard is working. “We should have some news coming hopefully soon,” he said while referring to the upcoming griefing system.

He even assured the complainant that the video game company is fully aware of everything that is happening in the game. The support representative, however, did not provide a timeline for the said feature.

What this new system could do

Volkexas revealed that the new system is a revamped version of the current system in “Overwatch.” It is being improved to provide more efficiency and that it should be more responsive.

While he cannot provide a specific date, he is quite sure that the new feature should arrive in the next few weeks. It holds true that the game does not have a system that can quickly reprimand leavers and/or toxic players. Whenever someone is reported, the studio handles it on a case-to-case basis. This means that the developers would need a specific amount of time before the report is resolved.

As a result, players who are flagged for being toxic in “Overwatch” do not get reprimanded immediately. It may even take days or, worse, weeks before Blizzard reprimands them. Despite this, though, it is working on an okay level. But of course, it is still not enough. This is evident by the numbers of offensive players in the game. With the new Anti-Griefing system, the toxicity level in the game should lessen.