Overwatch” was greeted as an impressive feat in the gaming world after it launched in 2016. The widespread popularity of the first-person shooter game has attracted players from all over the world. With the bigger fanbase, there are other players who prefer to abandon or throw the matches. This has earned the annoyance of other gamers who want to climb their way to the rank properly. However, this will be addressed soon if the latest leak is to be believed.

Latest leak

On Reddit, a user by the name AverageAristocrat shared his experience in playing the popular game.

According to him, he reported a skill-rated player who regularly throws games to demote to gold so he can play with lower-ranked gamers. He said that this player has been doing the thing in other seasons. The Redditor reached the game’s support representative Volkexas. The support representative assured him that the developers are already aware of such situations and are currently working hard to improve their response. Volkexas added that the improved system is coming in the following weeks.

Punishment system

Currently, Blizzard does not have a standard system for addressing issues related to throwers or toxic players. The game’s support team handles every issue reported by players differently.

Most often, this takes time to be addressed before it is forwarded to Blizzard. With the news of a new griefing system in the works coming from the company’s support representative, it seems that the recurring issues will finally be addressed. Most likely the punishments will be similar to the existing leaver system of the game.

Leaver Policy

For a while now, Blizzard’s leaver policy has been in place. Players get several warnings and suspensions and these warnings and suspension double every time until the player becomes fully suspended from the game. The cumulative punishments should serve as a reminder to the griefers to stop their toxic behavior.

Earlier, it was reported that the game developer is already working on a new policy that might permanently ban leavers from the game’s Competitive permanently. Game Director Jeff Kaplan said that they are in the process of implementing a new policy that would, in the long run, prevent toxic players from playing the Competitive again.

Tracking toxic or griefing players in the game is tough. Players are advised to report instances every time they encounter a player behaving poorly. Through this, Blizzard can keep track of the alleged griefers and take necessary action. It will also create a better gaming environment and experience to everybody.

The new anti-griefing system in “Overwatch” has no specific release date. I will bring you more updates about your favorite game as soon as information becomes available.