Many thought “Pokemon GO” was slowly dying, awaiting its final judgement. There were actually a lot of reasons why the hit mobile game experienced such drought, but perhaps the most popular one was the lack of an endgame content. Players did not have anything significant to do except catch pocket monsters.

While the premise of “Pokemon GO” was both fun and exciting, it still failed to keep the fire burning. This was mainly the reason why it almost fell to rock bottom. Fortunately, with some updates courtesy of Niantic, the title managed to crawl back to its original popularity.

But above all, the newest changes the studio made helped bring about the game’s redemption.

The new gym system

According to SlashGear, the newly remodeled gym system introduced a dramatic change to the overall gameplay experience of players. The studio finally found a way to battle gym exploiters, who are fond of stockpiling high-valued Pokemon. They deploy these beasts on gyms, allowing them to reign forever. But with the new changes, this exploit instantly becomes useless. The remodeled system would rather encourage players to submit a variety of creatures to defend each of the in-game gyms instead of the previous method.

This change in the aforementioned “Pokemon GO” brings balance to a game mostly dominated by cheaters and exploiters, among others.

Gyms now even accept players, regardless of the size of their pocket monsters. Hopefully, this would jumpstart to a more endgame content-driven gameplay, though Niantic has not really commented on this particular idea. Perhaps, they will move to such a decision in the next few months.

Raid Battles for players to participate

The developers of “Pokemon GO” finally brought a genuine multiplayer to the hit mobile game through raids.

Here, players team up with other players in order to defeat raid bosses. These monsters are categorized based on difficulty, with a total of four tiers to offer. Obviously, the higher the tier is, the more powerful the Pokemon. Once players are successful in raids, they should receive some interesting in-game rewards and bonuses.

Niantic, however, iterated that raids in “Pokemon GO” are meant to change. This means that, in one way or another, the developers will find a way to make the feature way better than it is now. But of course, these are merely plans with no official confirmation yet; therefore, they should be taken with a grain of salt. As a matter of fact, there are rumors about a tier 5 in raids, though it remains to be seen. Whether or not this is true, it is still an interesting thing to look forward to.