Niantic recently added a new feature to “Pokemon GO” called Raid Battles. This particular system has long been requested by fans, thus when it arrived, most were pumped and overwhelmed. Apparently, the newly added feature was met with criticisms as players noticed some flaws on it.

This is completely understandable considering it is still new in “Pokemon GO.” Besides, the studio itself admitted that it is still a work in progress — adjustments will be made to it soon. Fortunately, the feature managed to introduce something that is integral to the development of the game: a multiplayer element.

Raids gave the game a multiplayer functionality

Since launching “Pokemon GO,” it has been Niantic’s goal to introduce a multiplayer or co-op functionality. After all, this is what the title is all about. It basically asks players to go outside and capture pocket monsters. However, it did not have in-game mechanics that urge players to interact with other players. There were no PVP and Trading, among others. Sure, trainers can somehow reach out to the other trainers, but only when they attack gyms. Other than that, there is nothing close to a multiplayer functionality.

Thanks to raids, though, the mobile game now offers a genuine multiplayer feature. Players are beginning to interact with other players, as they group up and try to defeat raid bosses.

It almost seems like a brand new game already. Moreover, people now meet in real life when they play the game. This one here is a perfect addition to the title. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that the raid system still needs an upgrade.

Improvements Niantic has made so far

Previously, raids only allowed “Pokemon GO” players to participate if they were at level 35 or above.

This was immediately called out by the community, saying that it did not promote fairness and balance. Niantic later on said that this was only temporary and that it should be changed in the long run. Well, they really did. As of this moment, the level required to join raid battles is now at 25. In addition, the so-called raid eggs were also added.

Overall, the new “Pokemon GO” feature is totally fine. At least now, there is a way for players to literally interact with other players. Apart from that, the gameplay experience has been significantly improved. Sure, there are still a handful of wrinkles to straighten out. However, they do not really make the feature a failure at all.