Although we have recently reported that no single player content will come to “Mass Effect Andromeda,” that doesn’t mean that Bioware and EA aren't giving any treat to all MEA players. It is said that the game will soon be getting a new difficulty mode and a new race added to its multiplayer mode.

Difficulty mode, playable race update

“Mass Effect Andromeda” developer BioWare and publisher Electronic Arts teased a new difficulty mode. In a new trailer released via the games' official Twitter page, APEX missions on Platinum difficulty was teased, wherein the core of the multiplayer missions was to challenge gamers to take their skills to the next level.

With the announcement of Platinum difficulty, there will be a total of four difficulty levels that players can tackle, which includes the currently available Bronze, Silver and Gold difficulty levels.

Although not much has been revealed about the difficulty mode, it is expected that more details will be unveiled soon.

Through the game's official Twitter handle teased a little about the soon-to-be-launched difficulty mode, the trailer was still able to give a glimpse of the new playable race coming to Andromeda. The species, called Batarians, were first revealed in the original trilogy.

The said species were introduced as “notoriously unfriendly but not necessarily villainous species,” according to VG247.

To those uninitiated, Batarian is a race of four-eyed bipeds. According to Mass Effect Wikia, Batarians are species who have chosen to isolate themselves from the rest of the galaxy. In “Mass Effect 2,” Batarians were commonly found in Omega station, either as mercenaries or civilians.

As of this writing, it is not yet clear whether the reintroduction of Batarians will carry a significant importance to the game's multiplayer mode, but players would just have to find out once the Platinum difficulty rolls out to the game.

New Downloadable Content

A lot of gamers were disappointed when news came out last week that all future DLC of "Mass Effect Andromeda" has been canceled.

It is said that the cancellation was due to Bioware focusing on the next installment of "Dragon Age" franchise and a new IP titled "Anthem," which was introduced at E3 2017.

Gamers should note that the DLC cancellation news hasn't been confirmed by BioWare or EA so this should still be taken with a grain of salt.

Below is the trailer released for the game: