Bungie has been on the roll lately, releasing more details about the highly anticipated title 'Destiny 2'. They mentioned about the new features to be expected, along with some quality of life improvements for the second game. Now, the studio just gave the community a clearer understanding of how a certain in-game feature would be.

According to GameSpot, the very own game director of 'Destiny 2' named Luke Smith has shared some interesting details about raid and what it should be in the game. Currently, the feature is called "Raid 5," though it is expected to receive a proper name later on.

Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

What Raid 5 is

Smith explained that the aforementioned feature is unique on its own, allowing players to be situated in places they will believe to be "real." First and foremost, raids are not something new to the franchise, as the original game offered a total of four. However, as what Smith said, the new raid will not be anything like its predecessors. He mentioned about it being a place that players "believe could exist." Smith reasoned out that this, in particular, is something they haven't done before.

The 'Destiny 2' game director further explained that making Raid 5 believable has been their main "priority" since its conception. He went on to say how the entire team of developers helped each other to achieve this goal.

"It is a joy to see them work," he said. Unfortunately, Smith did not offer to elaborate the feature's in-game capability. He said that, as soon as the game is released, players should be interested in what it offers on the table.

The previous raids in the franchise

The original game offered a total of four raids, namely, "Vault of Glass," "Crota's End," "King's Fall" and "Wrath of the Machine." Players will agree that these four have the same thing in common in terms of gameplay experience.

If what Smith said is true, then it is safe to say that 'Destiny 2' should offer a raid that is not only new, but also exciting. This might be a brand new endgame content for the entire series, or perhaps a feature that simply brings players to a whole new kind of gameplay experience. Either way, this is something that players should definitely look forward to.

'Destiny 2' is expected to arrive come September 6 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Windows PC users, on the other hand, can acquire the game on October 24. Interestingly, the upcoming game's beta schedule has been set, starting on July 18 for PlayStation 4, July 19 for Xbox One and August (no exact date yet) for PC.