Just recently, developer Niantic released the newest event in “Pokemon GO” called the Solstice event. It is where both fire and ice-type pocket monsters are increased in terms of spawn rates. While some are still having difficulty catching rare Pokemon from these categories, it cannot be denied that the event stirred the interest of many.

Interestingly, the studio announced a new form of events for every “Pokemon GO” player to join. These are basically happening in real-world as part of the game’s first year anniversary. As a matter of fact, tickets are being sold already.

Here is what every interested fan needs to know.

Introducing ‘Pokemon GO’ Fest

The said event will happen in Chicago’s titular Grant Park on July 22. Niantic set this event as a celebration of all the memories the community has shared and acquired throughout the game’s existence in one year. It should be noted that this is an official event, contrary to what others believe. This is being organized by the developers of the augmented reality game and is unlike any other unofficial meet-ups or something.

Pokemon GO” Fest will require tickets, which players have to buy in order to join. The tickets are set to be sold tomorrow, June 19 at around 10 AM PDT. Niantic expects these tickets to be sold out right away, considering the millions of players planning to join the celebration.

So, it is best for interested fans to buy as soon as they can.

What the event is all about

Apparently though, the studio did not reveal any details as to what exactly the forthcoming “Pokemon GO” event is. Sadly, it is not the release of the highly anticipated Legendary pocket monsters, which are said to arrive sometime this summer.

The company, however, explain that the event will be more about players getting to know other players. As for the question of whether or not some form of bonuses or rewards will happen, it remains a mystery. Perhaps the developers are preparing something and they simply want to surprise the fandom.

Niantic did confirmed, though, that real-world prizes will be given during the “Pokemon GO” Fest.

The winners will be acquired via some sort of lottery, which will be processed from a registration list. The latter contains all the names of the players who bought the tickets. The studio, however, did not reveal what these prizes will be.Some in-game cosmetic items and rare Pokemon are also expected to be part of this event.