Overwatch” has one of the best competitive matches in any MOBA games in the industry. There is balance and great gameplay experience, all perfectly developed to help make the game a success. However, it cannot be denied that there are players who try to destroy the beauty of competition.

In the past, “Overwatch” offered a feature called Avoid-Player, which basically works like a report system. The only difference is that it allows the reporter to avoid being matched up with the reported player. Unfortunately, this was removed by Blizzard later on.

Why the feature was removed

Supposedly, the aforementioned feature should help players better their gameplay experience in one way or another. They can use it to avoid toxic players or those that simply throw the game. However, this very tool became a means for exploits. They use it for the sake of just avoiding the players they do not want to play with. This actually happened to a pro player once who was avoided simply because he played well in matches. As a result, his matchmaking would take hours before he can join a game.

According to PVP Live, Blizzard is still hesitant to implement the Avoid-Player option in “Overwatch.” They iterated that it only appears to be interesting at first, but later on, it becomes a tool abused by other players.

Clearly, it had become a manipulation tool in the past. As far as the implementing is concerned, the studio revealed that they are not closing their doors to the possibility. It might happen one day, but they still need to find a way to make it really effective.

An alternate solution

To at least limit the toxicity, Blizzard tried to improve the punishment system in “Overwatch.” Leavers are immediately punished, with their Competitive Play experience being reduced.

They are also suspended for joining the ranked gaming, though the exact time for suspension varies. The studio, however, admitted that the system does not work similarly to the Avoid-Player option. In fact, this system was developed specifically for leavers and/or players who display offensive behavior.

Interestingly, the studio announced recently that they are adding a couple of new features to the punishment system in “Overwatch.” It was director Jeff Kaplan who made the announcement on the official forum site of the game.

He did not elaborate what these new changes are, though. Right now, the best way to limit the toxicity in the game is through the report system. The developers even encouraged players to make use of the feature, so they can go after the throwers, leavers and offensive players.