There is no doubt that “Overwatch” has a very interesting set of characters, from their origins all the way to their skills. However, it cannot be denied not every one of them are pick favorites. Obviously, there is a deeper reason why such things happen in-game.

Perhaps one of the most hyped “Overwatch” characters prior to release is none other than Sombra. She is not only an elite member of Talon, but she is also a deadly opponent due to her hacking abilities. But regardless of how useful she can be, players would prefer to pick Genji and Hanzo, among others, over her.

Players just do not know how to use her

There are, of course, plenty of reasons why Sombra rarely gets picked in matches but perhaps the most logical one is the incapability of these players. They simply have no idea how the character works, or they lack knowledge in terms of making her efficient. Ironically, most of them would resort to a much more skilled ceiling character like the Shimada brothers. Remember: for the two to become more effective, the user must know how to make their mobility and efficiency work for the team.

This is definitely surprising, most especially when they pick these heroes over Sombra. The latter, on the other hand, is not that difficult to handle in “Overwatch.” Her skills are way too easy to understand and apply.

Perhaps it is more about players being too overly excited with “cool” heroes. These are usually those that can penetrate and kill enemies easily and, well, in a cool way. Among the heroes that can be included in the list are Pharah, Soldier: 76 and other DPS or AoE characters.

Sombra’s skills and ultimate

First and foremost, there is nothing wrong with Sombra’s skills in “Overwatch.” They are proven to be useful, most especially her ultimate called EMP, which renders heroes’ skills useless.

This is probably more about her not having decent synchronization with other characters. Meaning to say, her skills and ultimates are hard to match and synchronize with other heroes. Take for instance Zarya: her Graviton Surge works perfectly with other crowd-controlling ultimates like Reinhardt’s. It even does best when used alongside Hanzo’s Dragonstrike, Genji’s Dragonbalde and Pharah’s Barrage, to name a few.

Although Sombra’s EMP can prove lethal to the opponent and helpful to allies, it is just basically about rendering the skills useless. Maybe players still have not found a perfect ultimate or combo that should work perfectly with Sombra’s ultimate. But irrespective, the hacker is still among the lowest picked characters in the game.