"Tooth and Tail" is an upcoming real-time strategy game for PlayStation 4 and PC. The game is available for download and purchase through Steam and GOG.com, developers Pocketwatch Games announced. In addition, the said game will be available on September 12 while the pre-order for the PlayStation 4 console will be ready July 18.

This is another title from Pocketwatch Games aside from their popular "Monaco: What's Yours is Mine." "Monaco" is a stealth-action game that was released in 2013 for the PC and Xbox 360 platforms. Now, the same team of developers is announcing the details for their upcoming game.

The said game's trailer can be viewed below via YouTube:

Build, gather, and attack

Players familiar with games that revolve around real-time strategy will definitely find "Tooth and Tail" exquisite. Games such as "clash of clans," "StarCraft," "Warcraft," and "Cossacks 3" are also real-time strategy games. A player's job is to act as the overseer of the guild. They have to build a group from scratch and strengthen it by gathering some allies. Once they have gathered enough allies and strengthened their foundations, an attack is commenced. By attacking another enemy, this will start a battle to the death.

Familiar animals are present in the game such as owls, skunks, boars, and rats. In addition, there are four guilds or factions that are in the heat of war for one reason: meat.

The hunger that they are currently experiencing is unbearable until they eat one another. Thus, a war broke out, and the fallen will become meat for the victors. The four factions are the following: the Longcoats, the Commonfolk, the KSR, and the Civilized.

Randomly-generated maps

Players can replay any stage because the stages are not similar to each other.

Instead, each time a player replays the same map or stage, a different map or battle area is generated. This will ensure that players will always put on their thinking caps to find a strategy in a new battlefield rather than memorize. No two maps or battlefields are the same. Pocketwatch Games planned things accordingly.

Other features

The following options that players can choose in "Tooth and Tail" are the following: single-player campaign, online competitive play, split screen, replay, and more. Most importantly, players can choose between two types of controls. They can either use a controller or the keyboard-mouse combo. Lastly, "Tooth and Tail" presents a simple and comprehensible design throughout, which makes it easier for both real-time strategy game experts and beginners alike.