Without a doubt, “Injustice 2” is among the biggest fighting-themed title in recent memory. It quickly acquired the hearts of fans, while critics were at awe with its brilliance. Clearly, the sequel has raised the bar even higher.

According to WhatCulture, just like any other games, “Injustice 2” also offers a good set of complex characters. Well, this is not really a surprise, as the sequel is a complex game. It is unlike the cliché fighting titles of today, as it dwells best on giving players a shot at technical gaming. Without further ado, here are the top three complex fighters in the follow-up game.

The Flash

Of course, he is definitely part of this list. It holds true, though, that Flash is among the most versatile characters in the title right now. He can move from one place to another, surprising his opponents from multiple directions. However, he still requires a various set of combos, specials, and even launchers in order to be efficient. After all, he cannot survive just by running.

The “Injustice 2” hero is one of the few characters in the game that require skill coordination. Take for instance his Fists of Fury: players can use this (through the animation) to keep the punishment going, and then finishing the opponent off with the unlockable Sonic Bolt.

Poison Ivy

This character, though, depends on how well “Injustice 2” players use her.

She has the Multi-verse difficulty spike, while her move set is built for exploits. However, to really make her an interesting fighter, it is best to unlock both the Crawling Vines and Deadly Thorns skills. These keep foes at bay, giving Poison Ivy enough window to deploy her other combos.

The key here is to get in close and then out, but from time to time, let out some combos.

If it does not work in “Injustice 2,” she can always retaliate with her projectiles to switch in a long-ranged fighter. But to make the switching more effective, players must know when to switch. Just because she is able to do so does not mean she has to do it from time to time. Remember: there are other fighters who can counter her, either on a close-ranged or long-ranged battle mode.


Yes, Bane. This list would not be possible without him anyway. This guy, though, relies heavily on fists and kicks. The interesting thing about him in “Injustice 2” is his ability to close the distance between him and his opponent. Once he is successful in doing so, he can readily exploit the enemy with his special moves. However, since he is all about fists and kicks, he can only do best with the right combos and coordination.

Furthermore, his size and his ability to leap mid-air, give him a striking advantage over his opponents. He can dash in and out without taking much damage unless the opponent reads his moves well enough to counter.