There is a lot of reason players continue to love "Overwatch." In fact, this is evident by the success that the game is getting from around the world. This even goes without saying that its player pool is over millions.

While there is no doubting on the popularity of "Overwatch," it is still not perfect. It has its own flaws, something that Blizzard knows and wants to fix. Case in point, the game's skill rating system is believed to be broken and that it needs some fixing from the developers.

Is the game's skill rating system really broken?

According to PVP Live, most of the players believe that the aforementioned feature is broken and thus requires a huge quality of life improvement from the video game company.

In its most organic form, the game is developed in a way that players can change and adapt heroes in the middle of the game. For instance, players would feel the need of changing from DPS to a support character: the game allows this. Apparently, this is where the skill rating system makes things worse, as it seems to punish players for swapping heroes mid-game. In one way or another, and Blizzard knows this, this should not be happening at all.

"Overwatch" players on Reddit are airing their concerns and observations, all pointing to the skill rating system. They suggest that it is ridiculous for the feature to punish them just because they swapped heroes in the middle of the game. One player shared his own experience in which he ended swapping four heroes in total.

He was trying to adjust to the opposing team's composition while making sure that his own team benefited. Although he truly understood the loss, he was surprised with what he learned: he acquired -30 SR.

Why it is wrong

First and foremost, "Overwatch" itself allows players to swap heroes whenever they like. So, at the end of the day, there should never be a compensation for doing such process, unless Blizzard says so.

Second and more importantly, punishing players through skill rating is just, well, completely wrong, and it is something that the studio needs to address right away. Otherwise, the entire competitiveness of the game will become a laughing stock. It is understandable, however, that the skill rating is one of the hardest features to design in a game.

It could even lead to the death of a title if the developers are not careful in developing and improving it.

But giving Blizzard's passion towards "Overwatch," there is no doubt that the team will not fix this issue. After all, they always say that they listen to their community. Therefore, it is unethical for them not to put this issue into consideration.