"Destiny 2" is among the most highly anticipated titles of recent memory. It is even shaping to be a huge success, most especially with the amount of hype it is accumulating. While there is every reason to be excited about the sequel, some fans also found a reason not to be so inclined with the upcoming game.

According to GameRant, Bungie has just confirmed that "Destiny 2" will only offer a total of six subclasses. These will be readily available as soon as the sequel official launches. In one way or another, this comes as a surprise within the community.

Just the right mix for the game

Prior to the studio revealing the details about the subclasses in the sequel, many thought that new classes would arrive. They believe that it is time for the franchise to introduce a new set of characters, all of which are worthy of exploration. Obviously, this was not the case, as the developers opted to introduce new subclasses instead. In fact, these are considered to be the major selling point for the game. In other words, it can be a make or break.

Interestingly though, Bungie just wants to release a total of six subclasses in "Destiny 2." But apart from them, the studio will offer revamped versions of the previous three subclasses. These are namely, Voidwalker Warlock, Striker Titan, and Gunslinger Hunter.

But what will happen to the three element-based subclasses remains a mystery. Although the game's project lead Mark Noseworthy offered some interesting details, his explanation only confused the subject further. Referring to the possibility of revealing the changes to the Nightstalker Hunter, Noseworthy did not explicitly mention any detail.

He instead encouraged the entire community "to have new memories of discovery together."

What Noseworthy might be referring to

Obviously, there is something mysterious about what Noseworthy replied to the "Destiny 2" community.

First and foremost, it could be that Bungie will keep all of the changes for the third subclasses (i.e. Sunbreaker, Nightstalker and Stormcaller) a secret. This means that players will only know the answer to their question as soon as the sequel officially launches. This is actually a great move from the studio, as it builds the hype even further. Remember: these subclasses are not included in the beta testing. Definitely, players are trying to get hold of the reality.

The other likely scenario, though, is that "Destiny 2" will only offer two subclasses per class. In other words, the three aforesaid subclasses are not included in the forthcoming game. But until the game arrives later on this year, it would be best to take these things with a grain of salt.