Cheating and spoofing are among the major issues that players experience in “Pokemon GO.” Fortunately though, Niantic has been successful in battling these issues. After all, they only affect the overall gameplay experience.

However, there is an existing exploit in “Pokemon GO” that lets players acquire unlimited coins. According to ComicBook, this bug might have arrived following the latest update from the studio. This is completely wrong, considering how the developers expressed their goal of defeating exploits and such.

The unlimited coin exploit

Interestingly, this exploit is not entirely new in the game. This was in fact a major issue back then and, for some reason, it found its way to the mobile game once again. Basically, for this exploit to work, players will need to change their time zones straight from their mobile devices. Once they do, they can automatically reset the game’s daily limit when it comes to generating coins. It is true that a player is only allowed to accumulate 50 coins a day. But with this exploit, the players can simply trick the game to think that it is a new day. Viola, a new set of coins appear.

However, in order to assure that the exploit works perfectly, “Pokemon GO” players must have a steady flow of gym defenders.

Apparently, this is not considered as something that is illegal or bad within the community. Why? That is because players have been able to change their time zones ever since the official launch of the game. It is not entirely new and, obviously, Niantic knows about this. What is new, though, is its effect on coin generation.

But until now, the studio has yet to clarify the issue. No announcement for a fix was even made.

Players are warned

While it is an interesting feat to try, “Pokemon GO” players should think twice. Giving this exploit a try is a direct violation of the game’s Terms of Service. Remember: Niantic already made known of its plans to subdue any play who is caught violating said terms.

So if this new exploit is used, it is very likely for the user to get banned. As expected, the studio will most likely give this issue a review and release a patch to fix it. But as far as players are concerned, it is best to stay away from the possibility of giving it a try.

The existence of this “Pokemon GO” unlimited coin bug is quite frustrating. Niantic seems to be messing up the game’s stability with every update. Whenever there is a new one, a new kind of bug or glitch appears. Perhaps the studio would want to revisit their options and find out why these things are happening within the game.