In any Video Games like “Overwatch,” Easter eggs are considered great finds. They also stir players’ curiosity, making them believe that something huge is about to happen. Whether or not a discovery can be made, the process itself is already satisfying.

According to MMO Examiner, an “Overwatch” player has recently discovered an Easter egg in the game. He came across the discovery while data mining, as he tried to unravel hidden mysteries. It turned out to be actually fruitful.

The Easter egg explained

A user and fan on Reddit by the name of rfilmyer revealed that he stumbled upon a sound sample which he believes to be of significance.

According to him, the sound sample has something to do with Tracer’s Rewind in which the sound effect was divided into two varied parts. The said skill allows the hero to move back to its current state a couple of seconds ago, allowing her to be a highly mobile hero in the battlefield.

The aforementioned “Overwatch” player tried to reverse the sound of Tracer’s Rewind skill, hoping to see some hidden Easter eggs. He reduced the sound to half right after but decided to reduce it more to quarter speed. Although it is a bit unclear, the sound it makes after goes something like, “move your body over here and go berserk.” Well, this is quite weird in some ways.

What the line means

Unfortunately, no one in the “Overwatch” community can offer a legit answer to the aforesaid line.

But of course, there is a reason why Blizzard placed it there at the first place. It could mean something to Tracer herself or perhaps it is referring to another hero. Anything can go, but it is safe to say data miners are trying their best to unravel the mystery of the line. Funny though, some players referred it to a song by The Isley Brothers titled “Move Your Body.”

Meanwhile, Blizzard has just introduced a brand new update in “Overwatch” PTR.

It brought a handful of changes to heroes, including McCree, Zarya, and Reinhardt. Zarya’s ultimate called Graviton Surge now disables any movements or skills on the targets, allowing her allies to completely eliminate them.

McCree’s Flashbang can now slow its target after getting stunned. This should prevent the target from slipping or sliding away.

As for Reinhardt, his might swing has been significantly increased, while his charge will not deal any damage to heroes (Reinhardt and Doomfis) who also charge him. However, the target and the hero itself will still be knocked back.