Perhaps one of the most popular team comps in “Overwatch” right now is the dive comp. It basically consists of heroes with high mobility, such as Genji, D.Va, and Winston. Its premise is pretty simple, too: dive straight into the high-valued characters of the opposing team and advance.

This composition has taken “Overwatch” by storm, with almost every match featuring teams with such comp. The community has already shared their view towards it, pinging Blizzard’s take on the current meta. Well, it looks like the players have gotten their answers via an update released on PTR.

Blizzard releases new PTR update

The new update brought the most changes on Doomfist, and this is completely understandable, considering he is still new. The update tweaked the character’s Rocket Punch by reducing its distance capability to 20 percent. His Seismic Slam, on the other hand, now has an indicator to display the damage it does. In the previous version, this was displayed by a default crosshair filling in. But for players to actually see the crosshair, they must activate it via settings.

The PTR update also tweaked Reaper’s Shadow Step, with both VO and SFX reduced dramatically in “Overwatch.” McCree also got a change on this Flashbang, which now slows target significantly when stunned.

This, in particular, should prevent the target from slipping or sliding away once stunned. Zarya’s Graviton Surge is now able to disable all movement abilities of the affected targets.

Basically, once the targets are caught, there is nothing they can do anymore. Lastly, the update brought two changes to Reinhardt: his hammer and charge.

The hammer now has an increased swing speed of 10 percent and is now more responsive. Charge, on the other hand, will no longer deal damage to another charging hero (Doomfist or Reinhardt), though knockdown is still present.

Changes made to counter the dive comp meta

Although Blizzard did not explicitly say that the update was meant to counter (or at least balance) dive comp, the changes introduced seem to.

Take, for example, McCree’s Flashbang: it now soft-locks the target, something that is perfect for a diving Winston and/or Genji. Zarya’s Graviton Surge, in particular, makes her a more significant hero in the battlefield now. Her ultimate completely disables an advancing team, giving her allies a huge opportunity to fend off opponents.

Apparently, these changes are only present in the “Overwatch” PTR. So obviously, Blizzard is still trying to review them and decide if their inclusion is all worth it. But at least, it is comforting to know that the studio is listening to the community.