Pokemon GO Fest” was first announced a couple of months back, but not all players were really excited. Niantic revealed that the real-world event will require players to purchase tickets. Obviously, fans who cannot physically join it were completely bummed.

According to Kotaku, the event is actually open to all “Pokemon GO” players out there. Trainers who did buy tickets can still participate and reap rewards. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

How ‘Pokemon GO Fest’ will take place

First and foremost, players in Chicago (particularly on Grant Park) will be getting the best perks.

After all, they spent real time money to buy tickets and join the event personally. They will be introduced to increased monster spawn rates, raids, special challenges and new medals, among others. But as far as the challenges are concerned, players within Chicago will get help from players all over the globe.

Niantic revealed that in the day, there will be three Challenge Windows in “Pokemon GO.” Here, players everywhere will work alongside those in Chicago to unravel the global rewards. During the challenge, Grant Park trainers will attempt unlocking the said rewards by capturing certain types of pocket monsters. Basically, each Pokemon type is synonymous to certain perks, therefore, they will have to carefully choose which creature to catch.

The Challenge Windows explained

If the “Pokemon GO” players in Chicago catch an Electric-type Pokemon, the distance required to hatch eggs would be reduced. If they end up with a Grass-type creature, the Stardust bonuses would increase. These are just examples Niantic revealed and that other variation of Pokemon have their own perks to offer.

As for players outside the live event, they will be attempting to catch as many creatures they possibly can. This should be done during the Windows Challenge, so as to extend the duration of the bonuses unlocked by trainers attending the event.

The studio iterated that if players around the globe are able to catch enough “Pokemon GO” monsters, a mystery challenge would unveil.

However, this mystery challenge will only exist in Grant Park. Interestingly, if the players in the said area are successful in completing it, they would be able to unlock the extra-special bonus for all players around the globe to enjoy. Players will really have to work hand-in-hand in order to acquire the rewards Niantic has prepared for them.