Overwatch” is among those games that require players to work alongside other players rigorously to win matches. This is most significant in competitive matches where players get to climb up the ladders. Unfortunately, most players, if not all, do not realize this.

Team play in “Overwatch” starts by picking heroes that work perfectly with others. This is then followed by synchronizing attacks and/or ultimates. But of course, there is more that can be done aside from working alongside allies. With that said, below are tips worth checking out.

Always pick support or utility characters

It holds true that support or utility heroes in the game are barely picked by players. There seems to be a stigma within the community that there is always beauty in playing DPS or other characters. The truth is a team will most likely fail without a good support character. Tank players need someone to keep them alive, same can be applied to DPS heroes.

In “Overwatch,” support heroes are as significant as any other characters. Hence it is advisable to always include these utility characters in every lineup or comp. If two DPS characters have been picked already, then move forward with a Mercy or Ana.

Use voice chat as much as possible

Unlike before, a voice chat feature has become a significant addition in any multiplayer titles such as “Overwatch.” It helps players to community very much easily without having to use the keyboard to write a sentence or two.

More importantly, players can discuss their strategies or attack real-time just by opening their mouths.

In a progressive game like “Overwatch,” it is always important to join the team voice chat. It helps players communicate with their team well, particularly when trying to advance or defend. Besides, this feature is so easy to active and just needs a piece of headset with a mic.

Be aggressive and smart

Aggressiveness is what really makes “Overwatch” fun. It is where players try to dive right into the enemy lines and fend off high-value characters. This is best exemplified when using dive comp, a composition that makes use of high mobile characters such as Genji, Winston and Tracer. Nevertheless, being aggressive can be applied to any hero in the game.

The key here is to furiously attack the enemies and meddle with their defense or offense.

However, to make this strategy work perfectly in "Overwatch," one must be smart enough to determine when to be aggressive. This is where the need to realize if a situation is worth risking or not. For instance, players might want to dive in but there is no support to heal or cover them. As a result, the attack just fails.