Doomfist’s progression is now available in the public test region of “Overwatch.” It appears that Blizzard is now living up to the current hype about the latest hero of the first-person shooter game. During its release in the PTR, the seismic slamming hero has no skins, emotes, or intros. He was released with only his abilities revealed to the players.

Latest update

On the official Twitter account of “Overwatch,” they shared that Doomfist’s progression is now available. Today, Blizzard rolled out an update to the game’s PTR on PC platform. The latest update brings in the hero’s progression.

While the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game have been recently updated, the PTR is only available for PC gamers. In other words, the game’s 25th hero is not yet available on the consoles.

In the video that you can find below, YouTube user DronXD uploaded the footage that contains all the skins, progressions, and customization items that the hero has received today. There are a variety of interesting skins for the hero including Daisy, Lake, Sunset, Cheetah, and even Painted. With the painted skin on, the hero resembles a tribal warrior.

There are also Avatar skins, Caution, Irin, and Spirit.

How to access the PTR

For players who are using PC to play the popular first-person shooter game, they can enjoy the recent changes that arrived. To participate in the game’s public test, the player must have a game license for Windows PC with a account. The player must be in good standing and should not have been banned or suspended.

All the player has to do is to restart the app on the desktop. Go to the game’s tab that can be found in the left-hand menu. When you are there, from the drop down menu of the REGION/ACCOUNT, select PTR: Overwatch. Select install and start the installation process. When the PTR client is installed and updated, the player can click play to start.

It is worth noting that to be able to access the public test region, the player must have installed the game at least once. It is also important that the player has at least logged into the game once. For those who have carefully followed the procedure but are still unable to log in, they can try to log into the game by exiting the game client first. After that, try to launch the PTR again.

We will give you more updates about Doomfist and “Overwatch” as soon as we get more information. For your daily dose of gaming news and update, you may check out the gaming category of Blasting News.