Like any other game, “Overwatch,” too, has its own fan theories to share. Although more often than not they get dismissed, unraveling the truth behind them is always fun.

In one of “Overwatch’s” first animated shorts titled “Hero,” there was a speculation involving the little girl named Alejandra. Players suggested that, in one way or another, this girl is actually the hacker hero in the game named Sombra. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be true at all.

The truth between Alejandra and Sombra

According to HRK Newsroom, one of the longstanding fan theories in the game is Alejandra being Sombra.

To those who do not know Alejandra, she is the young little girl that Soldier: 76 saves in the aforementioned animated short. Many believe that the absence of Dorado’s LemeriCo has something to do with the girl and her true identity. The premise is that the events in the short happened a couple of years ago before the present timeline in the game’s lore. In other words, Sombra and Alejandra are one.

Unfortunately, this popular “Overwatch” theory has just been debunked by none other than the game’s lead writer Michael Chu. Well, he certainly is the one fit to do such anyway. Chu explained that the “Hero” short, contrary to popular belief, actually happens near the lore’s timeline. He went to iterate why the LumeriCo plant was not included, stating it was no intentional and the short was just the film to move across Dorado.

Before putting the final nail in the coffin, he said that Sombra’s words and stories should not be trusted and that “she isn’t Alejandra.”

What happens now?

Well, obviously, the hacker hero in “Overwatch” has her own identity in the lore. But it is still interesting to see just how significant this character is, most especially she is part of the infamous group called Talon.

But unlike Widowmaker, fans clearly have no concrete idea what pushed Sombra to be part of the organization. Sure, she loves the idea of hacking and that wants to use take advantage of it in one way or another; however, it cannot be denied that there is something about her that Blizzard has yet to reveal.

Meanwhile, the studio has just released a brand new update on “Overwatch” PTR.

The most noticeable change is Zarya’s ultimate called Graviton Surge getting buffed. Unlike before, it now completely disables any movements from the targets. For instance, Genji’s Swift Strike will no longer work and allow him to bail out. This should give Zarya a huge advantage over highly-mobile heroes.