There are loads of new information revealed today about “Call Of Duty: WWII” While fans are waiting for the big reveal of the game’s Zombie mode at the Comic-Con 2017, there is interesting information that surfaced today. Among them is the backstory of the said mode based on the letter that was mailed to a fan of the game.

Latest details

On YouTube, a user named MrRoflWaffles uploaded a new video claiming that Sledgehammer sent him a package. Among the contents of the package is a letter hinting about the background of the upcoming Zombie mode in “Call of Duty: WWII.” Aside from this, the correspondence also mentioned the names Marie, and Nazis among others.

The general assumption is that these names will play a significant in the upcoming mode.

In addition, the letter has a code that when he used to the COD Classified Site, he was able to unlock new information. The code is 12091. After successfully entering the code, the YouTuber was given access to more details through a Journal and a Radio Station.

In the video that we provided below, the Journal, if scrutinized well has an image of a map assumed to be that of the upcoming mode. While these latest details are not yet confirmed by Sledgehammer, most likely during the Comic-Con on Thursday, these details will be mentioned.

More hints

Aside from their tweet a few days ago hinting about the great reveal of the popular mode, another blog from the developer was released today, which appears to be teasing again.

The post hinted on what fans can expect from the upcoming mode of the undead. Among the hints mentioned in the latest blog includes the metal caging a face. According to Sledgehammer, it represents a unique path the game developer is taking with the upcoming game installment’s Co-op mode.

Just like their previous twitter post, the developer reiterated that the mode will be dark and chilling.

Sledgehammer also used the same image that they used in their first tease about the mode. The creepy feel sent by the image is already expected considering the background of the people behind the team. Some of the members especially the top ones used to work for EA’s “Dead Space” series.

We will give you more updates about “Call of Duty: WWII” as soon as information becomes available. The game is scheduled to release on November 3, 2017. It will be available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Meanwhile, here is the video uploaded by MrRoflWaffles, enjoy.