Sub-Zero is now one of the playable characters in “Injustice 2.” He was released recently as the second DLC character of the title. Interestingly, this latest version of the character that is now playable in the game acknowledges the events in the game “Mortal Kombat vs DC.” This leads other fans to speculate that the MK vs DC title is canon in the universe of the second game installment.

Latest update

In a video uploaded by YouTube user MKIceAndFire, the ice hurling fighter speaks of the battle against Dark Kahn. He also mentions fighting along several DC characters.

Aside from this, Sub-Zero also has an expansive knowledge about Erron Black of Mortal Kombat X. Erron Black was introduced as a new character in the MK franchise.

It is worth noting that the ice ninja is linking references to the cross over game. In this game, Sub-Zero battled to overthrow the powerful Darkseid-Shao Kahn fusion and to save their universes.

What could be the implication?

With the latest addition to the roster of playable characters in the game acknowledging about several alternate universes, NetherRealm Studios could easily add characters from other worlds in the game. In “Injustice 2,” it is possible to mention the name of other worlds without actually having to visit it. The presence of the ice ninja in the game provides a good way that it is possible to jump from one world to another.

The character can go to the DC Comics world effortlessly. At this point, however, the original universe where Sub-Zero really belongs is not yet known.

New leaks

Recently, there were several speculations about the next guest character that will arrive in the game. There were several claims that the lightning warrior Raiden from “Mortal Kombat” will arrive in the game as the next DLC character. It is still not clear whether fans will get to see the arrival of the good Raiden.

Since there are two personalities that were introduced for this character, there is also the possibility that players will see the evil version who plans to annihilate all threats to protect his world.

Meanwhile, for players who would like to use Sub-Zero in the game, Blasting News has an in-depth report about his gameplay.

This also includes his abilities, his intro dialogues, and his shaders. We will give you more information about “Injustice 2” as soon as information becomes available.

You can check out below the video about the latest playable character in the game. The other video is about his gameplay and his abilities. Enjoy!