Since the release of “Overwatch,” Blizzard has worn the banner that says “balance,” a nod to how they give importance in hero balance and changes. Unfortunately, this philosophy seemed to have been shaken in recent updates of the games. While some heroes got revamped, most were nerfed to a ridiculous extent. This, in one way or another, does not speak of balance -- at all.

According to PCGamesN, “Overwatch” players have been complaining about the current state of the game’s meta. The latter basically refers to the “dive” comp in which heroes like D.Va and Winston are highlighted.

Interestingly, director Jeff Kaplan shared his own view towards this ongoing turmoil.

Game is currently balanced

As expected from director Kaplan, he went to the official forum site of the game to address the complaints involving the infamous team comp. He iterated, though, that what he said was his personal opinion, not of the entire development team. Kaplan said that, in one way or another, the game is currently balanced, contrary to what most players believe. “I don’t feel like there are any heroes who are way too strong,” he said. The game director further explained that no current hero is actually capable of breaking balance in-game.

Kaplan, however, touched base with the most controversial nerf they did in “Overwatch,” which involves hook master Roadhog.

He admitted that the change was completely necessary, but for him, personally, he was not happy with the character’s state after. In one of the most recent updates of the game, Roadhog’s ability to eliminate an enemy was removed, as his hook combo was nerfed significantly. This, among others, further fueled players’ interest to move towards a newer meta composed of highly-mobile characters: the dive comp heroes.

On the change made to Mercy’s Resurrect

The “Overwatch” director also tackled the changes they introduced to Mercy in PTR in which her ability to Resurrect from a spawn point was removed. Kaplan, however, explained that the change is not really final, at least for him. He believes that the entire development team needs to undergo “some brainstorming” when it comes to the hero’s ultimate.

Nonetheless, Kaplan claimed that whether or not this change arrives on the official servers, it is not a game breaking issue -- the game is not entirely ruined by it.

Kaplan said that there are two things to consider when it comes to introducing balance in “Overwatch.” First, balancing characters who proved to be unbalanced is good and only necessary. Second, balancing heroes just to make players pick them more or less is “not good.” Games like Blizzard’s come with a set meta that, for a good amount of time, evolve slowly. If not, it just tends to stop. Either way, this does not mean that the game is already unbalanced.