After countless speculation and predictions, finally, the highly anticipated Anniversary Event of “Pokemon Go” is here. Players have been expecting many things about the event as it is the first birthday celebration of the augmented reality game. However, many were disappointed that the celebration only introduced the anniversary loot box and the Ash Hat Pikachu. Interestingly, aside from those, there are two more new adorable creatures that were added to the game with the coming of the Anniversary event.

Three new pocket monsters

While the Ash Hat Pikachu created buzz among players of the number one mobile game, there are other pocket monsters that were also added to the game.

Aside from Pikachu spawning in the wild, a couple more can be encountered in the game, however, they were not officially revealed. Let us take a look at these new creatures.


The most loved pocket monster is no less than the yellow and iconic Pikachu. In the game’s latest event players can spot him wearing Ash’s original hat from the anime series. Previously, before the launch of the Anniversary Event, there was a reported a leak about a shiny Pikachu that might come out during this week’s event. There were many gaming sites such as Polygon and Eurogamer net that made Pikachu their headlines when the event was nearing.

The adorable yellow monster has also graced several games to promote the anime’s 20th year anniversary.

It has been seen in “Sun and Moon” and even in “Shuffle.” In Japan, there are countless sets of merchandise that feature Pikachu and Ash. However, none of this is available in the UK and the U.S.


Aside from the cute little yellow creature, another pocket monster that was made available for the Anniversary event is Raichu.

Players can evolve Pikachu and into Raichu. The good news is, as the creature available right now is wearing Ash’s Hat when you evolve it, it retains its hat and becomes Ash Hat Raichu. There are also Raichu that several players have reportedly encountered in the wild. However, these creatures have no hats.


Aside from those two creatures already mentioned, another pocket monster that players will encounter in “Pokemon Go” is Pichu.

Interestingly, any Pichu during this event will also have Ash’s Hat. As this type of monster does not appear in the wild, players will have to hatch it from the egg. This egg must be acquired during the event, which started July 6. Ash Hat Pichu is classified as one of the rarest pocket monsters because it cannot be caught in the wild or evolved.