There is no doubt that players are loving the new features Niantic introduced in “Pokemon GO.” The Raid Battles, in particular, gave them a whole new reason to play the game. But while these are all true, it cannot be denied that the game still has issues.

According to Heavy, an “Unable to Authenticate” error is now starting to become a huge problem in “Pokemon GO.” This issue actually dates back since the first launching of the game last year. Although the studio found some ways to resolve and/or fix it, it just keeps coming back. Interestingly, there are ways on how to fix this error in the game.

Reliable quick fixes

In reality, there are basic steps that players can do to resolve the aforementioned issue in the mobile game. First and foremost, players must ensure that the game is updated to its latest version, be it on Android or iOS. This also means keep the mobile devices up to date with its latest version, which is applicable to both platforms mentioned. Once this is checked players must first restart the mobile phone and re-open the game or app afterward.

Pokemon GO” players may also try disable and enabling their phone’s Data and/or WiFi settings. More of than not, this fixes the issue immediately. They can also resort to clearing the phone’s cache, which can be accessed on the general settings.

Lastly, one of the considered quick fixes is uninstalling and reinstalling the entire app. This should fixed the error in one way or another.

The Pokemon Trainer Club Issue

Just a few weeks ago, “Pokemon GO” players were unable to log into the game for some unknown reasons. They initially thought it had something to do with their connection and/or mobile date.

Apparently, it is not, as it turns out to be an issuing in the Pokemon Trainer Club feature.

Basically, players who have this account were having a hard time logging in due to Niantic’s server messing up with the system. It was, later on, found out that it had to do something with the current version of both Android and iOS, thus the studio advised the players to update their phone’s firmware or version.

Niantic cannot promise a reliable solution yet, as they are still trying to resolve this issue permanently in “Pokemon GO.” Some players reported that they just uninstalled and installed the game, though others suggest that the issue continued to persist. The studio promised to have this fixed, but no specific date can be made known.