Good news for "Monster Hunter" fans. Capcom's fantasy-themed RPG (role-playing video games) boasts an array of weapon types that come in handy to craft and wield; however, this could prove challenging for those unversed with the franchise. To make things less arduous for rookies, Capcom recently rolled out a few trailers giving fans a brief glimpse of various weapon classes in "Monster Hunt: World."

What's in store?

Following in the footsteps of previous "Monster Hunter" games, "Monster Hunt: World" boasts fourteen different types of weapon, each packed with special abilities and style.

The recently released overview videos are divided into three classifications. Let's take a gander at the categories described above.

It's worth noting that "Monster Hunter: World" is the first installment in the series to land on a new home video game console since 2010. The game includes myriads of never-before-seen mechanics and enhancements as compared to its precursors, particularly the world itself.

Overview videos detailed

The first overview video encompasses light weapons including Dual Blades and the Long Sword. The second trailer emphasizes heavy weapons such as Gunlance and the Great Sword, and the final trailer centers on technical weapons that are relatively mysterious such as Hunting Horn and the Insect Glaive.

More shreds of information regarding Capcom's upcoming RPG were revealed via more than 20 minutes of single-player gameplay footage, which accentuated the bustling environment of the title's Ancient Forest region. The team behind the next installment in "Monster Hunter" franchise spilled the beans about monsters' behavior during a panel at Comic-Con.

You can check out details in this video posted by a YouTuber known as TheJackalope, DualShockers reported.

Where to find the monsters and what to expect?

The game developers kicked off the event by unraveling details about where the monsters prefer to live in next “Monster Hunter” game. Open areas with low humidity are more likely to be inhabited by the creatures that only consume plants, but as you go even deeper and into the woodland, you are likely to bump into more antagonistic carnivores.

These extremely territorial monsters mark their domain in various ways, giving players an idea of what they are likely to cross paths with. It is imperative that "Monster Hunter: World" players bear the territories in mind since these regions can be leveraged. Lead on one strong monster to another mighty beast's territory, and you are likely to be a witness to a huge showdown. Now, all you need to do is stand by and wait for an apt opportunity to pummel the beasts.

"Monster Hunter: World" is expected to feature several new enemies, meaning, players will have to learn the ins and outs of these creatures before they try to lure them into a battle with their compeers. The title is slated to arrive on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 early next year, with PC release scheduled later.