In the previous version of “Overwatch,” Roadhog was perhaps one of the most likable characters in the roster. Everyone loved his hook combo, as it was a mix of accuracy and timing. But with the recent changes from Blizzard, the hero’s popularity has swiveled down.

But according to PVP Live, the "Overwatch" development team is working on some solutions for the infamous tank. There is a particular change, however, that should give the character a huge boost. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Blizzard on bringing changes to Roadhog

In the latest update, Roadhog’s hook combo changed a lot.

This was thanks to the mechanical changes that the developers did to his scrap gun. Sure, its fire rate has been increased; however, his ability to eliminate opponents with the combo has been removed. He is simply now a medium-range shooter, which is far from his previous capability. Interestingly, Blizzard is looking to provide some significant changes.

In order to give Roadhog a boost in “Overwatch,” the studio will work on limiting his damage reduction. The game’s principal designer Geoff Goodman revealed to PVP Live that they have been “play testing” the character with around “-50% damage” reduced. But to compensate that, they are also trying to give him an increased speed. This is when he uses the Take a Breather skill.

Goodman admitted that with the two changes, Roadhog can be a little too difficult to kill. He believes that by doing so, though, players will be more aggressive knowing that the hero cannot be easily eliminated.

When will the changes arrive?

Goodman still cannot provide a certain timeline, but he hopes to introduce the changes on “Overwatch” PTR as soon as possible.

He said that there will also be a couple of changes for other heroes, though he did not specify which hero(s). Many believe, however, that Blizzard should be very careful with the damage reduction mechanic. Why? The last time this was introduced to Bastion, the hero became an unstoppable killer. He became the most favorited hero, as he was capable of eliminating opponents with a single ammunition load.

Right now, it is really hard to tell how the mechanic can change Roadhog in “Overwatch.” In one way or another, it might be good for him. After all, this might be a much needed change to counter the popular dive meta. This should give the gameplay experience a new perspective. Perhaps these will all come to light as soon as the promised changes arrive on the test server.