If there is one hero in “Overwatch” that gets hated most of the time, it is none other than Genji. This is because players who are not skillful enough tend to use him more often. As a result, the entire team is in jeopardy.

Still, at the end of the day, there is completely nothing wrong with using Genji in “Overwatch.” It is just best to do the right stuff in order to ensure success in using the hero. Fortunately, below are some effective tips on how to play the cyborg ninja correctly. These are even perfect for those who main the guy.

Make use of his Cyber-Agility

This skill is without a doubt the very core of the character’s kit. He is not Genji if not for this, and since it is passive, it is always on and available. It allows him to climb walls and even double jump at players’ will. This, in particular, makes him a lethal fighter in the battlefield. It allows him to dash towards an opponent with ease and gives him the mobility needed for elimination.

For players who are fond of using the character in “Overwatch,” they must ensure first that they put the Cyber-Agility into good use. Utilize it to fend off characters from higher grounds, or use it as a way to escape any incoming attacks from opponents. The key here is to be creative with every approach using the skill.

He is a flanker

What most “Overwatch” players do not realize is that Genji is among the best flankers in the game. He can get from point A to point B swiftly, without the enemies noticing him. Also, with his set skills, he can be the best flanker to the likes of Mercy, Ana, and other high-valued characters. He can even dash from an odd angle, preventing the enemies from understanding his moves.

As Genji, players must make use of him as a flanker in “Overwatch.” He is not the type who sits in front of the battlefield and wait for the defense to open. Of course, not. He is more of going in and out of the enemy’s line, giving out swift damages.

That dragon is key

Remember the line “The Dragon becomes me” in “Overwatch?” Well, that basically means Genji is deploying his blade and cutting through enemies like silk.

This is actually what makes him a good finisher, allowing him to change the tone of the game. But of course, players must utilize his ultimate timely and accordingly.

Usually, the best approach here is to synchronize the ultimate with other “Overwatch” heroes. One best example is Zarya’s “Graviton Surge.” Once this is deployed and enemies are caught, Genji can readily use his ultimate and slash enemies like there is no tomorrow. Do this and players would, without a doubt, acquire the Play of the Game.