Perhaps “Horizon Zero Dawn” players - most especially those who completed the game already - are eagerly waiting for the arrival of the game’s first DLC “The Frozen Wilds.” But they might want to take some few steps back, as developer Guerilla Games just released a brand new update. Interestingly, it is a very massive one.

According to PlayStationLifeStyle, the studio just released update 1.30 in “Horizon Zero Dawn,” and it offers a gazillion of stuff for players to enjoy. There is a brand new game mode, along with some trophies and face paint for Aloy.

This might just be the biggest update for the PlayStation 4-exclusive title.

Introducing update 1.30

First and foremost, the aforementioned update was meant to fix a lot of progression issues, bugs and crashes in-game. For instance, the update fixed the issue with “The Looming Shadow” where two guards would tend to disappear after the Blameless Marad speaks. It also fixed the issue involving the Lodge Ropecaster and the incorrect display of “Undiscovered” in the bandit camps. Moreover, the weird crashes players experienced when accessing several quests have been resolved.

The most interesting additions of update 1.30 were not really the fixes, but rather the new features. There is now a new game+, specifically developed to give players an option to wear their existing gears further.

This is followed by an Ultra Hard mode, a perfect feature for players who are up for the challenge. There are also two new trophies: one for completing the new game and the other for completing the game+ in Ultra Hard mode.

Other additions via the update

Guerilla Games also included a brand new support in “Horizon Zero Dawn,” and this was meant for both EU and US text languages on all EU and US games.

As for players who suffered in a progression issue involving the “Field of the Fallen,” this has been resolved. Erend is now expected to appear, allowing the quest to progress accordingly. The update also ironed out the bug in “The City of the Sun” where players get teleported into a protester scene when it should not be. This is no longer the case, though, thanks to the latest update.

Obviously, update 1.30 is a massive addition in “Horizon Zero Dawn.” It brought a lot of fixes to ensure a better gameplay experience for players. More importantly, there are new features to give players a whole new reason to play the game. These should be enough to keep them busy, as they wait for the arrival of “The Frozen Wilds” DLC.