Blizzard recently introduced a new patch (1.12) to its hit shooter title “Overwatch.” While fan favorite heroes like McCree and Reaper got buffed, one hero got completely reworked. It is none other Roadhog, and players believe his core gameplay changed for the worse.

Unlike before, Roadhog in “Overwatch” now can barely kill an opponent with his hook combo. The change the studio introduced basically affected how the hero’s hook throwing plays work. Although a good chunk of the community calls him a walking dead, this guy is still capable of inflicting heavy damages.

Practice those Alt Fires

One of the hero’s best asset is his Alt Fire, which is considered as one of the powerful moves in the game. Thankfully though, the patch Blizzard introduced did not affect the efficiency. Given the increased fire rate that he has now, he should able to score more consistently. This impressive mid-range firepower can still one-shot an opponent if it lands correctly.

Given the new fire rate of Roadhog in “Overwatch,” he should be able to dismantle the softest of heroes. He can go after the likes of Mercy, Ana, and Zenyatta; or perhaps move towards other DPS characters such as McCree, Soldier: 76 and Genji.

Land those hooks correctly

It holds true that his hook combo has been changed with the latest “Overwatch” patch.

However, the hook itself still works wonderfully. Since he can barely one-shot his opponents now, it is best to use the skill on mobile heroes like Tracer and Genji, to name a few. It is best to focus on this type of characters to keep them from giving significant impact on the opposing team.

Besides, these mobile heroes in “Overwatch” are sometimes hard to take down due to their escape mechanisms.

So, as much as possible, practice landing those hooks correctly. Once they land on an opponent correctly, they will most likely have difficulty escaping death. To acquire the best result, it is best to accompany the hook with some Scrap Gun blasts.

Work together with the team

Before the patch arrived, Roadhog is capable of going solo in “Overwatch.” He has the perfect skills to do it, anyway.

He can heal himself and if something bad happens, he can quickly eliminate an opponent with his hook combo. However, with the new changes, it is almost impossible for him to roam the map all by himself.

The key here is to stay with the group and fight alongside with them in “Overwatch.” If the team plans to conquer a choke point, be there to help them. Also, as much as possible, try tanking the DPS characters to give them enough window in performing their tricks. With the changes Blizzard did to Roadhog, it is best for him to play with the team for now.