Almost everyone in the “Overwatch” community will agree that Doomfist is the most celebrated hero in the game. When he came out, players quickly shared their experience on social media sites. Many were impressed with the unique skill set the new character had. Interestingly, the aforementioned “Overwatch” hero used to have a totally different skill set. According to DOT Esports, his previous kit made him more of a wrestler than a boxer, so to speak. Well, here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Doomfist’s previous build

During the recent San Diego Comic Con, Blizzard revealed some interesting details about the gauntlet-wearing hero.

The studio explained that Doomfist’s previous build was quite different from what he has now. He was more of a wrestler, tackling enemies left and right. Doomfist was able to pick up other heroes and use them as shields to absorb damage. Believe it or not, he was capable of doing so. Add to this the fact that he can throw them off the edge of maps. Without doubt, that would have be an interesting sight to see.

But for “Overwatch” principal designer Geoff Goodman, these skills were just a bit of a stretch. He admitted that they were cool, but as far as applying them in the game, they were not. For him, it was too much of an iteration, veering away from the original concept of the hero. “But as fun as this is, it’s getting away from the original idea of Doomfist,” Goodman explained.

The developer went on to explain that the character is neither a wrestler nor a luchador.

Other abilities he had in the previous build

The panel at San Diego Comic Con further revealed that the new “Overwatch” hero had the ability to pick up things from the ground. It could be a chair, a stone, or whatever is available. He could then throw it to opponents as projectiles.

This ability would even allow him to knock heroes. As for his ultimate ability called Meteor Strike, this was taken from Orisa’s previous build. But the developers agreed that the said ultimate was a better fit for Doomfist.

Blizzard also explained that before his skills were conceptualized, they thought of Doomfist as a tank hero in “Overwatch.” After all, this was what most players expected from him.

According to Goodman, however, it “ended up feeling weird.” They all thought that making Doomfist a tank would simply be another Roadhog-like hero in the game. Of course, Goodman was referencing Roadhog’s previous version, which was deemed unbalanced.