Pokemon GO Fest” was supposed to be a historic event, designed to give players a chance to meet other players. Unfortunately, it did not turn out be great after all. The players at Chicago’s Grant Park were met with issues and hour-long waits.

In order to compensate for the terrible experience, Niantic decided to release two of the first Legendary Creatures on “Pokemon GO.” Attendees of the aforementioned event received the special beasts with no restrictions. For the players from around the globe, there is an end date to these Pokemon.

The first Legendary creatures

According to Otakukart, the bonuses introduced in the real-world event were extended by the studio. This was not a surprising move at all, considering the outcome of the activity. Interestingly, the bonuses for the players from around the globe were also extended to a certain time frame. But later on the company announced that after the extension, the bonuses would stop. During that time, the studio did not include the two Legendary Pokemon – Articuno and Lugia – in the announcement. Sadly, it was changed.

On the official Twitter account of “Pokemon GO,” Niantic revealed that the global rewards would be extended to 72 hours. However, as soon as 5 PM PDT hits on July 27, these will be stopped.

At first, many thought that the deadline was only meant for the said rewards. Unfortunately, as announced on the official site of the mobile game, the two special beasts will also stop appearing. This means that players must start looking for these creatures before the studio decides to take them down.

The next possible move from Niantic

It holds true that the “Pokemon GO” developers only just confirmed Lugia and Articuno to be the official legendaries in the game.

They never mentioned about the next ones, not even giving a hint. But as what most enthusiasts believe, the next set of Legendary Pokemon should arrive days after the official deadline. The studio might just head on a global rollout for Zapdos and Moltres, the two legendaries believed to be next in line. Again, there is no official announcement from Niantic. Therefore, players should take them with a grain of salt. Still, there is no reason to believe that these creatures will not arrive later on.

The speculation came from the idea that Niantic wants to mitigate the horrible experience “Pokemon GO” players had in Chicago. Obviously, it affected the popularity of the game as well as the integrity of the studio. It is safe to say that players might have second thoughts if Niantic decides to introduce another one in the future.